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  • Commercial Services Commercial Services Commercial Your businessʼs property is an asset to your company and we are committed to the safety and enhanced beauty of your trees and plants.
  • Tree Pruning Tree Pruning Pruning Maintaining your trees by keeping them properly trimmed and pruned is necessary for their health, but this can be a time consuming and intensive job.
  • Residential Services Residential Services Residential Whatever your needs are for the trees and shrubs surrounding your home, we at Anderson Tree are thoroughly prepared to help you maintain and enhance your homeʼs beauty.
  • Fire Mitigation Fire Mitigation Mitigation Every day, more people are discovering the joys of living in forested areas. With the new scenery comes a new responsibility to become active stewards of the land; reducing wildfire risk.

Stump Grinding

Special Stump Grinding pricing for Black Forest!
15-100 stumps $10 per stump.   101+ is $5 per stump.
Please call or email us to set an appointment!

Emerald Ash Borer

This sounds like some exotic insect that should be beautiful and not do much, but it is causing millions of Ash trees to die every year. In 2002 this critter was discovered in Detroit, somehow it managed to show up there all the way from Asia... Read more →

Anderson Tree

Anderson Tree specializes in all things tree oriented! Our desire is to serve our local community with fairly priced, excellent work focused on tree health and maintenance. As a family owned and operated company, we understand what it means to take care of your family home and landscaping, and the services we provide will help you to cultivate a safe and enjoyable surrounding for your kids and neighbors.

Not only do we provide quality residential services, but our commercial work is recognized by some of the biggest names in Southern Colorado, such as the Broadmoor Resort Community and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Find out why these respected organizations trust us for their tree health and fire mitigation needs.


Mr. Kyle Anderson, owner and operator of Anderson Tree, was called in by another company to grind stumps left from removing three very large trees. After doing a great job grinding the stumps, I asked him if he know anything about wild land fire mitigation on property, as we have ¾ of an acre of land behind our residence that the Colorado Springs Fire Department's Firewise representative warned us was at high risk. Mr. Anderson said he did, and indicated that he know the Firewise representative and had attended Firewise meetings. His recommendations matched those of the Firewise representative; he gave me a fair verbal estimate and followed it up with a telephone call and a written estimate. He scheduled the work to begin two weeks from that date. Mr. Anderson and his crew arrived promptly on the designated day, enthusiastic about the job. Our property now has appropriate fire breaks, dry fuel and nuisance bushes have been eliminated, and healthy plants have been trimmed. In addition to being much safer from a fire standpoint, it looks terrific. Mr. Anderson and his crew behaved very courteously and professionally, and I am very pleased with the results. I recommend Anderson Tree for any of the services his company offers.
Antonia J.
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